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Delivery Date Total Sell Volume (MWh) Total Buy Volume (MWh) UMCV (MWh) ACV (MWh) Weighted Average ACP (INR/MWh)
26-09-2021 2690.0 300.0 120.0 120.0 5000
UMCV = Unconstrained Market Volume
ACP = Area Clearing Price
ACV = Area Clearing Volume after Congestion
ACP Weighted Average (Rs/KWh) = ΣACPH*ACVH/ACVD

Where  ACPH is the Hourly Area Clearing Price
    ACVH is the Hourly Area Market Clearing Volume
    ACVD is the Area Market Clearing Volume for the Day
The Formula of Weighted Average ACP has been modified vide circular no Circular 045: Modification in Calculation of Weighted Average Price Click here to view circular

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